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Great Photos are Worth a Thousand Words

Great hotel and resort photographs are like visual stories that will inspire potential clients to experience the uniqueness of your establishment for themselves.

Award winning photographer Mauro Risch, has extensive knowledge in setting up and taking hotel photographs and videos that set the tone for the unique hotel or resort experience that you offer.

With his technical and artistic know-how, Mauro creates an effective image library that can be used for a wide range of marketing purposes, including ads, brochures, special offers, videos and more.

This library allows you to show your guests that their total comfort and enjoyment is your top priority, that you understand their values and are prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy their needs.

Mauro is an expert in highlighting the details that make you stand out from your competition - perhaps your rooms are bigger, or your gardens more beautiful, or is the view from your pool more breathtaking than most? No matter what aspect you prefer to showcase, Mauro will encapsulate all of your hotel or resort’s charm and beauty in a series of visuals that will serve both as stand alone advertisements or for any other marketing requirements.

Browse through some of his images and video links below and see for yourself how alluring his visual material can be.

Video Branding

Nothing can beat a well-crafted video for showcasing your establishment. Why not create your own behind the scenes glimpse at all the fine-tuned preparations that go into taking care of your guests? From routine preparations for the dining room and bedroom set up, to the attention to detail that go into stage-setting the perfect wedding, or all the bustle and finesse in the kitchens to design you first class dining experience. This video will encapsulate it all and let your future client's appreciate how pampered they will be!

To find out more about setting up a visual library of strong photographic and video images that showcase your resort or hotel, help to position you as a premium brand and generate increased demand and occupancy rates, contact -Mauro Risch on +61 430 383 588.