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Mauro Risch is a professional hotel, drone and food photographer in Sydney and has shot regularly for major hospitality companies including Intercontinental, Crown Plaza, Meriton, Oaks, Sheraton, Marriott, Park Hyatt, Meriton and Wyndham. Comfortable working with any and all brand standards, your hotel and restaurant can choose from a range of hotel photography services – full shoot, new opening, one-off visit, renovated rooms, and more. Mauro Risch will work within your budget and is free to travel to Sydney at any scheduled time.

Experienced Food Photographer in Sydney

Whether you own a speakeasy bar, whole-food cafe, or a continental restaurant in Sydney, high-quality food photography will make you stand out from the competition. Delectable food photographs must make food seem irresistible through all five senses of a potential guest and dine. Food photographs must allow the viewer to experience every important dimension of the chef’s dish – flavours, temperature, textures, freshness, crispness and softness.

Grandiose Hotel Photographer in Sydney

The best hotel photographers in Sydney understand that photos are what drives marketing and communications efforts. Hence, it is eminent that they are done to perfection. Whether it’s to capture the feel of the hotel rooms and patios, exhibit remarkable design and architecture, or just to convey the experience of being a guest at your hotel, Mauro Risch, The Hotel Photographer, is here to assist you.

Magnificent Aerial Drone Photography in Sydney

Drones have expanded the realm of photography creativity for fine art and commercial photographers year by year. Consequently, drone-based aerial photography makes common aerial photos taken by helicopters obsolete and way too expensive. With drones, photographers can now provide perspectives from an angle impossible for people to see and is inexpensive. Aerial photography reveals symmetry and patterns that oftentimes showcases abstract perspectives of common objects and presents far-reaching visual openings for awe. Imagine the impact of these images in an advertisement, portfolio, pamphlet, newsletters or simply to adorn the walls of your hotel or property.

As the food and hotel industry is slowly beginning to reopen and demand picks up, specifically on weekends, it is important to look towards re-establishing prominence in these markets, particularly with relation to the more stringent health and safety practices. Hoteliers and restauranteurs used to rely on good reviews, but recent studies suggest that the real big factor for the hospitality industry now is photography.

If you are interested in updating your food and hotel photography to match the current situation worldwide, then now is the time. It will also set in motion your marketing strategy once again. For that to happen, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced yet affordable hotel, drone and food photographer for Sydney location like Mauro Risch. Just check our gallery, clients and testimonials for confirmation.

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