When it comes to bringing experience to the table, this is what Mauro says: ‘Each shoot is different. Each client is different. I’ve been shooting hotel and resort ad campaigns and photography for ten years – and each one has required a unique, well thought-out approach.’

‘Knowing how to deliver on the brief is key’, says Mauro. ‘But it’s never as simple as following instructions, or ticking off a list. It’s about knowing how to achieve the client’s vision at the same time as managing the variables that come with working on location.’

‘I’ve shot more than ten thousand hours of photo and video content for hotels and resorts worldwide and that probably qualifies me as an expert. After doing it for so long, you learn to balance the details of the brief with knowledge and experience that forms your gut instinct. For me, my instinct comes from overcoming the challenges that a thousand other shoots have thrown at me over the years.’

Sales is very much about visuals, and your guests will thank you for painting a clear visual picture of your hotel or resort. It will help them make good decisions – i.e., the decision to book your hotel or resort for their stay!

In exchange for giving your guests what they’re looking for, they are more likely to reward you with their custom and share their experience online to friends and followers.

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